Social Art Edinburgh is an independent project developed by visual artist Elisa Guietti, and started in collaboration with the ArtRipples collective. The workshops are now part of a bigger project called Creativeflow. For further information please visit https://www.creativeflowart.com/

FZ0A0403WHAT IS SOCIAL ART?  “Social art is considered a new and experimental form of healing. It helps to remove the obstacles that prevent people from being all they can be, enabling them to realise their full poten­­tial.”

Also, social art represents a way to bring the community together and to connect people with each other.

OUR AIMS The project seeks to reach people that are not normally involved in creative activities. We believe that art creates a connection with our inner self, and it helps us to develop consciousness and happiness. Therefore everyone can benefit from being creative! Art is not a privilege for a few selected people, we are all creative.

OUR APPROACH  Our events provide the opportunity to interact with art in a very  informal and positive way. They are normally planned in unusual locations, like cafes, festivals, galleries and yoga studios.

POSITIVE IMPACTS  Participants  have the chance to develop confidence and self esteem, and to push their limitations by creating art! They are completely in charge of their work and are free to experiment as much as they like.

Studies have shown that creative activities have many positve effects on the body and the mind. They have the power to unlock our full potential and can help us to embrace the present moment. Also, they relieve anxiety and tension and allow our imagination to run free.

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