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Trusting the process

“What does it really mean “trusting the process”? There is a bigger plan for all of us, and somehow we are “simply” moving through it. This movement always exists, no matter how little or slow, it is always present in our experience..” To read the full article simply visit .https://www.creativeflowart.com/…/06/05/Trusting-the-process #trustingtheprocess #creativeflow


photo credits Greg Rakozy

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EARLY BIRDS discount available for our Intuitive Painting Course!

The course will run from Tue 4th of June till Tue 9th of July, 6-8pm (6 weeks) The classes combine intuitive painting, meditation, and writing. They provide a safe and positive space for free expression, with the aim to develop an intuitive approach to the creative process. Art is used as a tool for pure self-expression, healing, and transformation.

EARLY BIRDS discount available till the 22nd of May! All the materials will be provided: acrylic paints, paper, paint brushes, aprons, towels, sponges, etc. For more information and to book your space simply visit https://www.creativeflowart.com/intuitive-painting-class or text/phone 07556575645

Intuitive Painting_June

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Accept your creative gift

Sometimes we might think that creativity is something that belongs to artists, musicians, performers, and writers. However, creativity belongs to all of us! It doesn’t matter if we don’t paint or write, we can access the creative energy in everything that we do. Painting, dancing, writing, are amazing tools for self-expression but our creative force is much bigger than that. It has no limits and wishes to be free to flow without any constriction or control. In other words, we can explore that energy in so many ways!

A walk within nature can be a creative experience, where you observe all the colours around you, and connect with something bigger than yourself. That is what really happens when we create, we do connect with the life force within ourselves, the life force that permeates everything in this world.

Since we are alive we all have the creative life energy flowing through us. When we connect with that part of our being an inner power can be revealed, a feeling of pure life literally flows through our body, mind, and soul. We are a three-part being and it’s very important to nurture the connection between these parts for our general wellbeing.


When we engage with the creative process, whether we are cooking, walking or painting, we receive a sense of openness and freedom. Our vision and perspective open up. We can say that creativity can be considered an attitude towards life, a way to embrace and enjoy life, a way to experience the essence of life, of who we are, rather than a skill or talent.

“We constantly create our life whether we are conscious or not”. So why not accept this gift? Yes, we are creative. There is no need to apply any pressure to that word. Of course, a sense of responsibility might come along too, and here is where we can practice some kindness towards ourselves. Take a deep breath and keep creating.



photo credits maxime-bhm

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Painting your vision: shamanic journey & intuitive painting on Saturday 6th of April!

The workshop combines shamanic journey, intuitive painting, and writing. The sound of the drum will guide you through a powerful inner journey, where you will connect with the deepest aspects of yourself. Then you will have the chance to unfold the experience through the creative process, and to explore any message, symbol, colour or word that came to the mind. Intuitive painting is a tool for pure self-expression, healing, and transformation. More information is available on https://www.creativeflowart.com/shamanic-journey-intuitive-paintingPaintingYourVision

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Tonight social art event at Santosa!

This workshop invites you to connect with your creative self, and to explore some of the symbolism behind the Tree of Life and Mandalas. The Tree of Life represents the connection between the cosmo and the earth, and can become a symbol of our inner journey. Mandalas are sacred symbols of wholeness and inspire us to discover our true potential. For more information and to book your space simply visit https://www.creativeflowart.com/painting-the-tree-of-life



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Explore your creativity and identify your positive intentions for the New Year!

Special Mandala Painting Workshop on Tuesday 15th of January, 6-8pm in the beautiful Hand Made Factory! EARLY BIRDS tickets available till the 12th of Jan! For further information and to book your space simply visit https://www.creativeflowart.com/intention-mandala-painting

Incorporating positive intentions within the structure of a mandala is a very positive practice that can help us to manifest our wishes and desires. No experience is required and all the materials will be provided. The canvas will be prepared with some drawing guidelines, but you will be completely in charge and free to experiment as much as you like!

mandala painting