Social Art Events

Social art aims to create opportunities to interact with art in a very informal and positive way. It also represents a powerful tool to bring the community together and a safe space for free expression.

Art creates a connection with our inner self and helps us to develop consciousness and happiness. Therefore everyone can benefit from being creative!

The events are normally planned in unusual locations, like cafes, yoga studios, festivals and galleries, in order to make art more accessible. They can include different art materials, experimental and traditional art techniques.


Participants develop confidence and self esteem, and push their limitations by creating art! Although guidance through the process is provided, people are completely in charge of their work and are free to experiment aS much as they like.

Studies have shown that creative activities have many positve effects on the body and the mind. They have the power to unlock our full potential and can help us to embrace the present moment. Also, they relieve anxiety and tension and allow our imagination to run free.

We firmly believe that art is for everyone and we are all creative.

To join the events no previous experience is needed, and all the materials will be provided. Normally they last about two hours and can include teas or coffees too. Tickets are between £15/20 per person, and cover all the materials.


Whether you are interested in joining one of our workshops or would like to host a social art event we would love to hear from you!