Intuitive Painting Classes

“Intuitive painting is a powerful spiritual and creative practice designed to connect people with their intuition, and inner guidance”


The class combines intuitive painting, meditation and writing. It provides a safe and positive space for free expression, with the aim to develop an intuitive approach to the creative process. Art is used as a tool for pure self expression, healing and transformation.

Participants have the chance to work on any subject, emotion or thought they wish to explore through the process, however a general theme is always provided. A short guided meditation opens and closes the practice and helps to relax the mind and the body.

The class includes an introduction to the acrylic painting technique as well as some guidance through the creative process. No experience is required and all the materials will be provided.



  • Intuitive Painting & Meditation workshop – Saturday 20th October, 3-5pm Edinburgh Palette Studio G5
  • Storytelling & Intuitive Painting: A powerful journey through your expressive self – Saturday 3rd November, 3-6pm at Edinburgh Palette Studio G5 (in collaboration with Real Talk
  • Intuitive Chakra Painting & Reiki – Sunday 25th of November, 2-4pm at Santosa Yoga & Meditation Studio (in collaboration with the Reiki School Healing Hands

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