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Get 15% off your tickets!

If you come with a friend both of you will receive 15% discount on your tickets for our Mandala Painting workshop! The event is in the beautiful Santosa Cafe’ on Thursday 13th of December, 6-8pm. Bookings end tomorrow! To reserve your space visit https://www.creativeflowart.com/book-your-space or phone 07556575645



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Plan your Social Art Event!

The events can be tailored around the needs of your group and the activity can be discussed and developed together. To join the events no previous experience is needed and all the materials will be provided. Activities can include traditional or experimental techniques, and can follow a structured or more intuitive approach.

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Intuitive Chakra Painting on Sunday 25th of November

This workshop is in collaboration with the Reiki school Healing Hands, and combines meditation, energy healing and intuitive painting. You will discover how to strengthen, nourish and clear your Chakras, as well as how to use the creative process to explore and balance your energy. Everyone is welcome and no previous experience is required! Tickets available on https://www.creativeflowart.com/healing-art-project


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Exciting collaboration between Real Talk and Creativeflow!

Combining intuitive painting and storytelling tools, we will host a session that will allow you to connect to yourself, your voice and your emotion through various artistic mediums. Please note we are firm believers that everyone is creative so you don’t need to have any previous art experience to participate! Expect mandala making, free writing, meditation, space to learn about storytelling techniques and time for story boarding. More info on https://www.creativeflowart.com/blankStorytelling & Intuitive Painting2