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Painting the Tree of Life on the 1st of March!

Join us for a relaxing evening of painting in a wonderful venue! Tickets are officially available on Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/e/painting-the-tree-of-life-at-santosa-tickets-43200201967 treeoflife


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Intuitive Collage and Reiki

A new interesting event is on the way! The workshop combines guided meditation, energy healing, and intuitive collage. We will explore our inner vision and will create an inspiring collage to project our wishes into the outer world


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Mandala and Meditation Easter Retreat 2018

A wonderful journey through art, meditation, nature and healing 🙂 The retreat will take place in a beautiful Victorian Villa, completely surrounded by nature, in the magical area of Dunkeld! You will have the chance to learn more about the world of Mandalas, to explore the power of the creative process and to relax with our guided meditations. The event has been developed together with Invisible Caims, an inspiring project of holistic art retreats based in Edinburgh. For more informations and/or to book your space please visit https://invisiblecaims.com/easter-meditation-scotland/. We look forward to seeing you all!Mandala Art and Meditation Retreat

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Painting the Tree of Life

On Thursday 1st of February we will be painting the Tree of Life at Santosa! The Tree of Life represents the connection between the cosmo and the earth, and can become a symbol of our inner journey.  To book your space simply follow the Eventbrite link below 🙂 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/painting-the-tree-of-life-at-santosa-tickets-42074027549

tree of life_Santosa