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Mandala Drawing tonight at Santosa

The workshop invites you to explore your creative self, to have funa and let go of your day. With the help of a compass and a ruler, we will create a general structure for our own personal mandala. Then we will simply access our imagination and work freehand, to explore any line, shape or symbol that might come to our mind. Creating a mandala is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience for the mind, body, and soul 🙂 To book yourspace simply visit https://www.creativeflowart.com/mandala-making or phone 07556575645copyofcopyofmoreinfoatwww.reallygreatsite.com_


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Intuitive Chakra Painting on Sunday 25th of November

This workshop is in collaboration with the Reiki school Healing Hands, and combines meditation, energy healing and intuitive painting. You will discover how to strengthen, nourish and clear your Chakras, as well as how to use the creative process to explore and balance your energy. Everyone is welcome and no previous experience is required! Tickets available on https://www.creativeflowart.com/healing-art-project